MotoSamoa Apia Branch has moved

As of February 2019, MotoSamoa Apia has relocated to the AquaSamoa Dive Centre on Beach Road Apia.

Not only does this make MotoSamoa Scooters and Tours more accessable through a more central location in Apia, but it also strengthens our customer service through leveraging our long Agency relationship with AquaSamoa.

2 Replies to “MotoSamoa Apia Branch has moved”

  1. Good morning
    I will be arriving on 29th of April and was wondering what licence I’d need to hire a scooter for a week?
    I have an Australian drivers licence and will be studying sat Le vasa fales.
    When I was in Rarotonga I needed to do a licence test with the police…
    thanks so much

    1. Cate,

      Any overseas drivers license will do here. We need to issue a Samoan Temporary Driving permit, which costs WST$21 and does not require any test like in Raro. You can enter your license details in the booking process so we can have it ready for your arrival.


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