Savaii is often called “The Real Samoa”, because of the slower pace and more traditional living relative to our neighbors in Upolu.

Savaii is also the home of MotoSamoa and for the time being, where our Motorbike rentals are limited to.

Many tourists come to Savaii for only a few days, but when they get here, they soon recognise their mistake, with most saying they should have spent more time here.

With a MotoSamoa bike rental, you can easily explore the whole island and not miss a thing. Spend at least a week here to fully wind down and enjoy all of Savaii’s natural attractions at a leisurely island pace. For those in a hurry, you can get around the island in a day or two and get to see most of Savaii’s tourist attractions.

MotoSamoa can meet you at the Salelogoga wharf or arrange for you rentals to be at your first stop in Savaii. Flexibility is what we are about at MotoSamoa, so let us know when, where and how you want to experience the real Samoa and we will accommodate.