Upulo is the main Island of Samoa, where you will arrive at Faleolo International Airport and where the capital, Apia is located.

MotoSamoa has Scooters in Upolu at both AquaSamoa situated at the Apia Yacht Club in Mulinu’u Apia and between the Airport and Wharf at the PureOcean Dive Centre in the Sheraton Beach resort. We can also deliver and/or pickup at any Apia Hotels, Mulifanua Wharf or Faleolo Airport for a small Delivery fee.

Many tourists arrive in Samoa late in the night and head to one of the many accommodation options in Apia for a good nights sleep. Next morning a WST$2-3 taxi ride can have you at AquaSamoa in Mulinu’u to pick up your MotoSamoa Scooter. Take the North Coast Road out past Apia Park or the Cross Island Road and on your way to exploring the beautiful South Coast of Upolu, home to some of the best Surf breaks, plenty of Beach Fales, Waterfalls, Lalomanu and the SouthEast Islands and the spectacular To-Sua Ocean Trench.

Getting around Upolu can be a bit challenging, so the best way to experience Upolu is on a MotoSamoa Scooter, where you can go wherever you want and experience the sights, sounds and smells of our tropical islands up close and personal.

As you will no doubt want to head to Savaii, the Ferry charge for a motorbike is WST$30 each way, plus WST$12 per person and unlike cars, you don’t need to pre-book your place, just turn up at the wharf, pay your fares and squeeze onto the next boat.